The upcoming small hometown girl from Camden, Arkansas, who is making a buzz in the musical scene with Contemporary Gospel sounds adding an R&B twist. Jacquie developed her musical stride from singing with her family. This musically inclined generation to include young Jacquie was The Burnell Family whom graced the ears and spirits of many with their melodic voices. The Burnell Family, from Camden Arkansas song mostly traditional gospel. As Jacquie became in-tune with her gift she begin adding a twist to every song she lead in the group.

She went on to sing during and after her enlistment in the military, as she remained steadfast in her devotion to the WORD and the victory. Jacquie continues in her faith on a musical journey to become not only harmonically inclined but also to distribute her facet as a beautiful choral lyricist. As a versifier, she expresses true testaments of her life experiences in a tune for the world to understand and believe. Follow Jacquie on this voyage as her presence expressively fills the hearts of many with purpose rhythmically. The album “New Beginning” is a vocal daybreak for all genres, age groups and the community… all in a one stop, sound shop!

On this album Jacquie wrote every song with emotion, the spirit, and from the heart. One song on the Album titled “I Can’t See” touches home for Jacquie, because the song talks about the presence of God (We can’t see God but we know he is there and around us everywhere). Each song on the album is a conversation of Jacquie’s relationship with God. She invites you to worship and take this journey with her, for this is just the beginning of what God has in store for her.